Six Nations Rugby 'Sausage Selection' 🏉

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  • Six Nations Rugby 'Sausage Selection' 🏉
  • Six Nations Rugby 'Sausage Selection' 🏉
  • Six Nations Rugby 'Sausage Selection' 🏉

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We've dedicated a recipe to each of the represented nations simply by associating what each of these great nations are famous for.

Six Unique Sausage created for Six Unique Nations!

  - Pork, Apple Sage & Onion 

 - Pork and Gunniess

  - Venison and Six herbs

  - Pork and Leek

- Pork, Garlic, Onion and Herb

   - Pork, Tomato, Cheese and Oregano

We chose these recipies because they represent:

England and their summer fete feast - The Hog Roast

Ireland, we could use nothing else....

Scotland- Highland deer walking wild amongst the baron landscape, evokes a timeless purity.

Wales - The humble root vegetable is synonymous with Welsh battles throughout the ages

France - Onions and garlic.... Say no more! 

Italy - The Traditional Margarita pizza, but a sausage.... It truly works! 

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