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Light, Versatile and nutritiously wholesome.

Our pork sourced form The Lewis family, Gritts farm in Hereford and is truly outstanding. Here you can get a nice filler for your freezer. So, when you want to do pulled pork, grab the boned and rolled shoulder out the night before and let it defrost, before cooking it slowly and simply enjoy. Fancy Pork Chops and mashed potato, already covered!ย This selection gives you all you could need from the beautiful rural Herefordshire countryside in the shape of our free-range Pork.

Pork leg boned and rolled 1.2kg

Shoulder pork Boned and rolled 1.2kg

Pork Chops 4 x 220g

Pork Loin Streaks 4 x 220g

Pork Sausage 1 x 500g (5 Sausage)