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What better way to celebrate than with a BBQ with family & friends. So, light up the coals, lay the table and get ready to enjoy sumptuous food from the fields of Herefordshire:

Whether it's time out for two or a family gathering you'll want people to enjoy the best meats. We've got something for everybody!

Our ever popular BBQ Meat Selection Box feeds 6 people - that's only Β£5.25 per head!

Belly Pork with a selection of marinades or simply plain;

Tasty chicken thighs with a selection of marinades or as they come;

Chicken drumsticks with a selection of marinades or plain as they come;

A fantastic spatchcock chicken has got the lot;

Plump pork sausages inc our traditional 'champ,' apple sage and onion; chilli and spinach or honey and mustard, ummmmmmm;

100% Herefordshire Beefburgers which you'll keep coming back for. There's cheeseburgers; chilli burgers (watch out Dad!) or why not try Moroccan lamb;

Everybody loves kebabs. Choose from beef or chicken.

There's FREE local delivery with a minimum spend of Β£24.99 delivered by our own van and drivers within 10 miles of Ledbury. Use coupon code LOCAL.

We also have FREE Nationwide delivery with a minimum spend of Β£44.99. Use coupon code FREETOME. (SAVE Β£10!!)