Turkey Whole Hen

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  • Turkey Whole Hen
  • Turkey Whole Hen
  • Turkey Whole Hen

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Our free Range Turkey are from David Moore's farm in Worcestershire.

They are all dry plucked hen birds. Which is a very old fashioned way of removing the feathers of the bird ready for Christmas.

It is a true family affair which Davids father began in 1967, growing turkeys for the local Christmas market, a tradition he and his wife have carried on, as well as their children too, when home from Uni.

This 6 kg turkey will serve between 6 & 10 comfortably, and will give you plenty of leftovers to see you through the festive season. 

Various sizes are available for in store collection or local delivery only.

Please contact your local store for more details.

Don't forget to get a nice joint Gammon or Beef to offer those that are all turkey'd out and fancy a change....


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