The Big Rump Bundle

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  • The Big Rump Bundle
  • The Big Rump Bundle

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This Bundle gives you 10 x 9/10 oz of beautiful tender rump steaks, all Dry Aged Matured on the bone for 21 days, before being removed and matured for a further 7 days, to give these a depth of flavour and a texture to truly savour.

This bundle should cost £56.56  but we are offering this at over 15% discount At just £47.60

That's a SAVING OF £8.96 of the original web site price

Rump steak x 10 x 9/10 oz(250/275 grams) all packed in pairs for you to pop in your freezer for when you want to have a great steak night 

Fancy a nice mushroom sauce? Visit the link below,select valentines video and zoom to 06:22 minutes to see how to make a beautifully simple sauce to complement your steak or watch the whole lot to see how to cook that steak perfectly :)

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