Fore Rib ( Bone In )

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  • Fore Rib ( Bone In )
  • Fore Rib ( Bone In )
  • Fore Rib ( Bone In )

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A truly magnificent even majestic cut of meat, stunning in appearance and indulgent to taste . This timeless classic roasting joint evokes a real sense of old-fashioned banquet feasting, and for me the most impressive of all beef cuts. 

With plenty of marbling running through this magnificent joint ensures it is kept juicy right up until you reward your taste buds with a proper taste sensation....

Matured on the bone for up to four weeks enhances both its texture and flavour. 

Knowing that the only downside of this beauty is the carving we chine it for you, in preparation for you to just pop straight in the oven.

Please note that because of the ribs the weight will not be absolutely precise.

Portion guide - We suggest 2 servings per bone.. 

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