Whole Free Range Chicken.

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  • Whole Free Range Chicken.
  • Whole Free Range Chicken.
  • Whole Free Range Chicken.

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The old favourite. Traditional in all its glory, free range chicken from Springfield farm near Ledbury.

Comes complete with Giblets too....

A few little ideas for you:

Covering the breast with bacon, allows it to stay nice and moist, adding butter, sausage meat, an onion or lemon also gives the chicken additional moisture and flavour too.

Try adding garlic and or rosemary to the cavity, or the roasting tray, this really gives an extra dimension to the taste of the chicken. 

Once cooked your choices are endless, so get creative and enjoy.

The secret with Chicken, well all meat is to cook it adequately, but not over cook it.

The rule is to cook it 30 minutes to the Lb, (60 minutes to the kg) and allow to rest for 15 minutes.

A good sign to show the chicken is cooked. Press a fork into the breast and see if the juices run clear. However, the meat and juices nearest the bones might still be a little pink even though the chicken is cooked thoroughly..

The last this you want is to under cook, or over cook.... as all ovens vary the best way to cook is use a probe. You will never over or under cook again.

Your want to achieve an internal temperature of 75˚c for >2 minutes in the thickest part of the thigh, but not near bone or fat..


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