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  • Muntjac Box
  • Muntjac Box

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If you are reading this and wondering what on earth Muntjac is: it's a type of deer, thought to have been introduced to England in the 1900's by the Duke of Bedford. The smallest Deer in the UK, it is lighter and generally less gamey than the larger breeds of venison, Muntjac has a very low fat content and a wonderful taste which I would compare to rare beef.

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Due to a high demand we are now waiting on a fresh delivery.

1 Whole Butchered Muntjac box contains

2 x Loins boned and trimmed. 

2 x legs Boned and Rolled

1 x Pack of diced Shoulder

1 x Pack mince.

The average weight of the mince and diced is approximately 1kg

As the loin are so small, we fully trim them leaving just the eye of the meat, which looks similar to a pork tenderloin in size. All the trim is minced.



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